The most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2017


The ball has dropped and the confetti has been gathered and swept away, paving the way for millions of people across the globe to temporarily resolve to improve their lives before they inevitably abandon such efforts in favor of the comforting embrace of routine and inactivity. In Poor Taste commissioned a survey of tens of people to find the most popular resolutions making the rounds in 2017. Continue reading

Last-minute gift ideas from GriffCo Toys!


Atrocities in Aleppo? The West’s increasingly rapid march to the proverbial gallows? The looming prospect of another world war? Hey there, Bonnie Buzzkill, who has time for such bric-a-brac when there’s gewgaws to get?!?!?! Like you, we here at GriffCo Toys, Inc. know the best way to cope with our increasingly frightening reality is to bury our heads in the sand and buy more things! And just in the nick of time, GriffCo is here with a handful of gift ideas for the holiday shopper who cares just enough to put forth a minimal, eleventh hour effort to temporarily please those loved ones who grow more and more estranged by the minute!

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CBS answers country’s increasingly urgent calls for hour-long jury analysis drama


LOS ANGELES — Mercifully responding to angst-ridden American viewers’ increasingly urgent calls for an hour-long drama based entirely on jury analysis, CBS will premiere the much-hyped “Bull” at 9 pm. EST on Tuesday.

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I’m really going to miss hitting tainted taters


By Alex Rodriguez

Whew! What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been! Hard to believe I’ve already been retired for seven steroid-free days, but it’s true!

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Beltway shakes upon learning coveted Antonio Sabáto Jr. endorsement had been won


CLEVELAND — On the eve of the Republican National Convention in this city, the reverberation that resulted from the news that the coveted Antonio Sabáto Jr. endorsement had been won could be felt roughly 400 miles away in Washington, D.C., where political insiders did not hesitate to speculate that the 2016 United States presidential election had just been all but won.

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Sources: ESPN sources just took a shit


BRISTOL, Conn. — With the annual frenzy surrounding the National Basketball Association free agency period set to begin in earnest this Friday, ESPN NBA insider Chris Broussard on Wednesday reported his sources have confirmed that some of his sources just took a shit.

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